Friday, February 7, 2014


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The awkward hero stumbles over a long forgotten piano.
Music leads him from his run down existence out into the city life.
There he plays a last funeral march to all the deadbeats on the sidewalk.

Graduation Film of Gregor Dashuber

story, design, direction, animation: Gregor Dashuber
music and sound design: Marian Mentrup
editor: Martin Reimers
Production: HFF "Konrad Wolf", Potsdam Babelsberg, Germany, 2009

NEVER DRIVE A CAR WHEN YOU`RE DEAD won the following Awards:

21. International Short Film Festival Dresden 09, Germany ( Promotion Prize of the Minister of Fine Arts)
52. DOK Leipzig 09, International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Leipzig, Germany (Best German Animation)
32. “Recontres Henri Langois” International Film Schools Festival 09, Poitiers, France
(French Critics Discovery Prize)
11. Aubagne International Film Festival 10, Aubagne, France
(Best Music and Sounddesign)
10. MONSTRA Animated Film Festival 10, Lisboa, Portugal (Best Student Film)
4. ANIM'EST International Animation Film Festival 09, Bucharest, Romania
(Best Student Film)
17. Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 09, Germany
(Honourable Mention in the Category Young Animation)
2ANNAS International Short Film Festival 10, Riga, Latvia (Special Mention in the International Short Competition)
43. Young Collection 10, Bremen, Germany (Prize of the Critics)
29. ANIMA 2010, International Brussel Animation Festival 10, Brussel, Belgium, (Special Mention for Best Student Film)